How to Improve My Credit Score

If you are looking to improve your credit score, you need to be prepared for the long haul as maintaining your credit file is a life long task, but can be very rewarding.

Lenders request your consent to view your credit file when you apply for finance. When they see your file it will list any defaults, your current loans and accounts, your previous loan applications and your previous addresses (often as advised by previous tenancy applications and finance applications) going back 5 years.

Below is a list of credit issues(worst to least worst);

  • Bankruptcy
  • Owner or director of insolvent business
  • Judgement
  • Unpaid Default – Secured Loan
  • Unpaid Default – Unsecured Loan
  • Unpaid Default – Utility
  • Paid Default – Secured Loan
  • Paid Default – Unsecured Loan
  • Paid Default – Utility
  • High Inquiries
  • Young or recently created credit file
  • Frequent Address and Job Change

The first step towards a healthy credit file is to stop applying for credit. Next is to find out what is on your credit file and the last step is to get our credit repair experts to help you fix the issue. Please be aware, there are rouge operators in the credit repair space and we will always refer you to a sound operator who gets results.

To get you on track to an excellent credit file with a free assessment, just click here.