Car Loan

Integrated Loans have access to Australia’s best lenders no matter what your car finance requirement is.

You will find thousands of options when searching for a car loan on the internet which is just too overwhelming. We will be able to answer your questions on any loan option you have found in the market. We will provide you with a solution as we are brokers who have access to a large variety of lenders from big bank to small private lender and we are not tied to any lender, we are working for you.

We offer the following car loan products;

  1. Secured car loan (like a personal loan, only cheaper)
  2. Chattel mortgage
  3. Lease
  4. Hire Purchase
  5. Sale and Hire Back – getting cash from your existing assets

As with any of our loans, when you apply for a car loan, we will not touch your credit file without speaking with you first and clarifying your situation. This is different from many lenders who will automatically inquire on your credit file and reduce your credit score as soon as you submit your details to them. To learn more about your credit file, click here.

Our process is quick and easy, just click below to get your application assessed and we will have a response for you within 24 hours! Or click How We Help to see how the process works.